Stuff I Love and Stuff I Hate. First:

S t u f f   I   L o v e

Forat Electronics
Check the Wikipedia
  article I wrote for Bruce.

DoorDash has gone
to hell. GrubHub is
same price & better.

How did I ever get
by without them?

We don't need no stinking
Microsoft Office.

GIMP - GNU Image
Manipulation Program.

The Free Photoshop!

The world's largest web
developer site.

I did a lot
of good work

Everybody Loves

This is an apple.

Like the song says:
I Luv L.A.

The 6th largest
economy in the world.

Republicans love
America because
"Jesus made it
perfect". We Democrats love
America, warts and all.
That's true love!

I saw Forbidden
Planet on TV when
I was a kid and fell
in love with
science fiction.
(click on image to enloarge)

To Kill a Mockingbird
Great book. Great movie.


The only
people who
love the space
program more
than me are
in the space program.

I'm addicted to their omelets

My 1st beowser
& SeaMonkey's
(click on image to enloarge)

Life is an open
book test.

Humiliating American
presidents for over
4 decades.

S t u f f   I   H a t e

Almost killed my Win 7  PC!

The alternative history

Like getting your news
from the town drunk.

The propaganda wing
of the Republican Party

I have never changed banks.
But my bank has changed it's
name 4 times! When I go in
there, they ask me for ID. I
should be asking them for ID!

The only thing worse is...

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions: "Good
people don't smoke marijuana...
they take opioids."

Fox News 2.0

They take Rubles.

DoorDash ripes off  their
drives + bad customer
service. Go to GrubHub.

Love / Hate  Relationships

Thanks to Grown Up Geek/GrownUpGeek.com for the above image.

My 1st P.C.
was a Mac &
it changed
my life. But

had more
bugs than
a dead

It was so lame, so
often, but now...

...it's the only
game in town.

I love my cable but it's
so overpriced!

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Apr. 2018 
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