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With the exception of "The Citizen",
there are just crappy rehearsal tapes.
I'm working on it.
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Composed, arranged & produced by
Eric Mattei †
copyright ©  1978-2019 Eric Mattei
All rights reserved

Vocals by Eric Mattei †
All sounds on these recordings were produced by synthesizers and audio signal processors under real time computer control via MIDI. †
† exceptions noted

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Looking Glass Children are defined by how they are treated. Guitar & backup vocals by Randy Schulman. 3:22 1985
Mirical Center An ironic commercial for spiritual con arts. Guitar & sermon by Randy Schulman. 3:29 1985
The Citizen in "senior". Words & music by Lenward Houser & E.M. 3:46 2018
The Sandman An unholy war. Electric violin & backup vocals by Randy Schulman. 3:15 1985

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copyright © 2019 Eric Mattei
All rights reserved

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