Dr. Latharius
The Return of Dr. Latharius

They are the chosen..... They are The Travelers.....

Long ago they were given the power to travel though time by an ancient race of mysterious beings - The Travelers have waged their secret war against the dark forces of the universe for centuries..... each generation handing down their unique knowledge and skills to the next. 

But now the Travelers must face their greatest challenge - And together they must confront the deadliest of enemies: 

One of their own.....

Brian Sausen, Michael Hankinson,  Larry Burdick

Produced by
Michael Hankinson & Brian Sausen

Written and Produced by Michael Hankinson

Copyright © DarKnight Productions 1999

The Return of
                Dr. Latharius

featuring music by Eric Mattei, including: 

click on title to play
Harsh Reality moody rock ballad with upbeat break
Nine Lives 9/4 jazz rock piano, horns & electric guitar
Relentless heavy metal stalking music
Pagan music to make human sacrifices by ⛧

Composed, arranged and produced by
Eric Mattei
copyright ©  1994, 1997, 1998 Eric Mattei
All rights reserved

Electric guitar by Midi Hendrix

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copyright © 1994-1997 Eric Mattei
All rights reserved